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Specialist Advice Support

As part of our remit to help Hull businesses to reduce their carbon emissions, we also offer a fully funded specialist advice service on different aspects of energy saving and energy management.

There are four strands of support available and you can mix and match to your business requirements.

Strand 1 – Carbon Footprint Calculations

To support to calculate your carbon footprint, our service provider GEP Environmental will contact you to gain an understanding of your business and the activity you undertake and discuss what information is required to calculate the business’ carbon footprint. They will then utilise the information provided to complete the calculations.

Strand 2 – Develop your Energy Policy

Support to develop an energy and carbon reduction policy. GEP Environmental will provide you with up to 14 hours of support that will focus on your business’ energy policy / strategy requirements that can be endorsed at the highest level of the business but one that all staff have responsibility for.

Strand 3 – Energy Management Gap Analysis

We can also support businesses with energy management gap analysis, where you can receive up to 14 hours of support that will help you understand how close the business’ processes are in relation to best practice, ISO 50001:2018.

Strand 4 – Energy Risk Register

Finally, we can help you to understand your business and the energy risk and opportunity register, you can receive up to 14 hours of support that will help identify the risks and opportunities facing different areas of your business in relation to energy management.

Make sure you get in touch with the HBEES Team to find out if you’re eligible and apply for support today: