HBEES were delighted to provide the team at Lightowler Ltd with a grant of £4,780 towards a total project cost of £11,950. This helped the commercial cleaning company to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by a whopping 65+ tonnes a year. That’s roughly the weight of around 24 vans!

Too good to miss

Lightowler Ltd spotted one of our adverts and decided that saving energy and money through HBEES was an excellent idea.

A fast application process

All they had to do was fill in our short application form that checks whether a business is eligible to receive a grant from HBEES, which they were. Hooray!

Professional analysis

The HBEES team got to work right away by sending our energy partners, NPS, to have a look around Lightowler’s premises and discuss potential upgrades.

Expert advice

Once our energy specialists had gathered all the info they needed, they created an official energy report for Lightowler Ltd. This explained in no-nonsense language what could be done to reduce the company’s energy usage and carbon emissions.

Recommendations included replacing existing lights with LED lighting and additional controls, as well as the installation of a solar PV system and electric vehicle charging points. Lightowler Ltd decided to proceed with two of the three recommendations – LED lighting and EV charging points to maximise their reduction in greenhouse emissions.

Energy efficiency on the go

Investing in electric charging points for their fleet of vehicles enabled Lightowler’s to switch from diesel vans to a far more environmentally friendly transportation system that helps to make our city’s air cleaner for everyone.

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 65+ tonnes

Investing in electric charging points for their fleet of vehicles

Replaced existing lights with LED lighting

From the client

We have worked closely with and been supported by HBEES to install energy efficient fittings to our premises in Hull,” says David Atkinson at Lightowler. “We found the team to be informative and efficient in their work with us.

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