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Eltherington Group Ltd

Eltherington Group Ltd


Lighting Lighting

Local business Eltherington Group Ltd made the most of their HBEES grant by using it to replace their old lighting with an environmentally friendly system, which reduces their carbon emissions by 115 tonnes a year.

A fantastic opportunity

Eltherington Group Ltd is an architectural aluminium manufacturer with 15,000sqft facilities on Hedon Road. When they heard about the HBEES grants that help SMEs in Hull to save money through energy efficiency, they got in touch right away.

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One quick form

Wasting no time, Eltherington Group Ltd filled in our short application form to see if they were eligible for the HBEES grant. Imagine their delight when they discovered that they were!

Energy audit

We then sent our energy partners, NPS, to assess Eltherington’s premises and determine which green energy solutions would bring the greatest impact.

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Expert advice

Due to the sheer size of Eltherington’s offices and workshop space, we recommended that they upgrade their lighting to a much more efficient LED system throughout the premises.

A bright future

Eltherington Group Ltd agreed that this would be a very smart move, as LED lighting uses a lot less energy and can significantly reduce a company’s utility bills and carbon footprint. They then got to work making the switch, which was made possible by the grant of £15,000 supplied by HBEES.

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Reduced their carbon emissions by 115 tonnes a year

Manufacturer with 15,000 sqft facilities

Saved them almost £40,000 a year

From the client

The new improved LED lighting will help us to reduce our energy bills AND reduce our carbon emissions by more than 115 tonnes per year. As a business, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and this has been a major step forward for us. Thank you to HBEES and the European Regional Development Fund for the grant – it has really helped us to kickstart our journey in becoming a greener, more sustainable organisation and will save us almost £40,000 a year off our electricity bill in the process.

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