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Allenby Commercial (Construction) Limited

Allenby Commercial (Construction) Limited


Solar Panels Solar Panels

Allenby Commercial (Construction) Limited is playing a leading role in transforming our city, so HBEES helped them to do it in an even more environmentally friendly way through a grant of £9,360 to help them install a solar panel array. This allows them to produce their own electricity and the company’s carbon emissions have been reduced by 11 tonnes a year!

What a good idea

Allenby Commercial (Construction) Limited saw that HBEES offers grants to help small and medium enterprises in Hull cut down their energy bills and carbon emissions.

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A stress-free application process

The team at Allenby’s simply had to fill in our short online application form. By answering a few quick questions, the HBEES team can determine whether a business is eligible for our grants.

Assessing the possibilities

We’re very pleased to say that Allenby Commercial (Construction) Limited qualified for HBEES, so we asked our energy partners, NPS, to take a look around their facilities.

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We love sharing ideas

HBEES then sent an eye-opening energy report to Allenby Commercial (Construction) Limited, which included expert recommendations for how the business could reduce its energy consumption.

The future’s bright

Allenby Commercial (Construction) Limited very wisely decided to use their HBEES grant to invest in a sophisticated solar PV system. This allows the business to produce its own clean energy every single day and significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

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Carbon emissions have been reduced by 11 tonnes a year!

Allenby Commercial are now producing their own electricity

From the client

With the help of HBEES, we will shortly have a 35.8kw system fitted by a local supplier,” says Ben Ellis. “This will allow us to run our new warehouse space completely self-sufficiently, which has been an aim of the business for some time. I feel this proves how effective the scheme is in allowing business aims to become reality.

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