Lightowler Ltd


HBEES were delighted to provide the team at Lightowler Ltd with a grant of £4,780 towards a total project cost[...]

The Kingston Theatre Hotel


We helped The Kingston Theatre Hotel to become a greener business through a £7,386 grant toward upgrading its clunky old[...]

Allenby Commercial (Construction) Limited


Allenby Commercial (Construction) Limited is playing a leading role in transforming our city, so HBEES helped them to do it[...]

Eltherington Group Ltd


Local business Eltherington Group Ltd made the most of their HBEES grant by using it to replace their old lighting[...]

Liquid Jade


HBEES were pleased to be able to reward Helen with a grant value of £1,451.78! Helping Helen to reduce her[...]

Strata Holdings

The challenge After launching HBEES, Strata Holdings were one of the first businesses to get in touch with us to[...]

Each TV or computer left on standby is estimated to
Cost You 2p Per Hour.